Latest SEO Trends For 2019

Latest SEO Trends For 2019 That Will Matter Most

2019 is all about learning new things, acquiring new strategies and making new discoveries, especially when it comes to the world of digital marketing. The budding digital marketers are now getting anxious towards adopting the latest techniques that can keep them as much visible as possible in top search engines. If you are one among them waiting for a miracle to happen to your dream website, you should also know what’s trending among the latest SEO trends for 2019.

So, here are 5 SEO trends that are going to make a huge difference towards making your website stand out among millions:

  1. Intent will be more important than keywords

Surprisingly, keywords will slightly take what you call a backseat in 2019. Google will now be insisting more on intent and not keywords prior to fetching results to the user. It is a web-mediated activity that would acquire assumed data on single or multiple web pages.

  1. Video content will lead a long way

Just imagine the returns on creating an effective, info-packed video of 1 minute. Believe it or not, it would be equivalent to more than a million words. Videos are going to be of high impact provided you give the right channel description, name and keywords.

  1. Voice Search SEO will do the trick

Unlike past years, 2019 will see a new phase with Voice Search SEO. Experts have predicted that almost 62% people will prefer buying things online just by voicing out instead of typing.

  1. CTA (Call to Action) Optimization will play a key role

As per SEO experts, CTA optimization is the next big thing that would give one’s website good search rankings. This would be beneficial in making visitors click on your website when showed in top results for a query.

  1. Mobile SEO will rule 2019

Smartphones are everywhere and this would benefit digital marketers for sure in 2019. 67% people have expressed willingness towards using phones to access websites. Desktop users on the other hand have faced a defeat in comparison. So, the coming years are for the smartphone owners than the ones depending on desktops.

So, these were 5 of the most probable SEO trends 2019 predictions that would lend your website a new reason to exist. The sooner you implement these, the better it will be.


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