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Our objectives:

Triggering your website traffic :

If you have a website, you will always want to make it visible. Here our aim will be to fetch huge traffic to your website and attract huge number of visitors to your business.

Raise organic visitor traffic :

Organic traffic is nothing but natural traffic that comes from result pages in search engines. To make this happen, we will make significant changes in the website, better the ranks and generate quality links.

Better the conversion rate :

By making good use of Google Analytics, we will set up goal tracking and focus on conversions for your keywords, campaigns, traffic sources, landing pages and more.

Improve the volume of return visitors :

We will make sure how effective your business is and also ensure customer loyalty by bettering the percentage of return visitors to your website. We would also set a specific target which should be relevant to your industry.

About the Company

Starting off with only web designing services, Mr. Subhendu Kr. Das grabbed attention of the local market that gave him the confidence to progress further. He gradually started catering to various corners of India and built a potential customer base. Today, he has reached the zenith of success owing to his global presence by offering the most creative website marketing strategies. Apart from owning SKD E-Marketing Solutions, he has spread his wide range of services to various countries like USA, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.